About me

Hi, I'm Dave Hunter, a Chartered Electrical Engineer, (Engineering Council registration No 2410466). I served my apprenticeship at the British Steel Corporation Rotherham Works, on electrical & electronics systems, whilst at the same time being involved in bands and building & repairing amplifiers, TVs and radios (back in the days when TVs could be repaired!).

I subsequently went into engineering management, gaining an MBA in Technology Management, but always retained my interest in electronics, particularly valve technology and after many years of working on my own amps, friends' amps & friends of friends' amps! I finally decided to offer my services commercially.

I work on all equipment as if it were my own, please look at my 'previous projects' page where you will find a sample of the amps I have worked on over the years.

My other passion is motorbikes, particularly classic Japanese bikes, which I tend to buy basket cases and rebuild them from the ground up.

I do play guitar, and did play in a band in my my youth, but now play just enough to test any amps thoroughly, and to understand any musicians' requirements or concerns (at least that's a bit better than Leo or Jim!). 

Dave Hunter MBA CEng MIET
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