On bench setup & diagnostic fee: £37.50
This is my charge for setting the amp up on the bench, taking the back panels off the amp and removing the chassis to determine  the nature of the fault. It covers for the first hour of work and will enable me to undertake initial diagnosis and contact you to discuss the cost implication of any subsequent repairs or replacement parts. 

Hourly rate after the first hour: £35.00.  
It is worth pointing out that in the majority of cases faults are identified and often rectified in the initial diagnostic period.

Valve Check & Safety Inspection: from £50.00
As detailed on repairs page, this will vary depending upon the amp make and model.

Major Service: from £55.00
As detailed on repairs page, this will vary depending upon the amp make and model.

Standalone valve test: £2.50 per valve
Primarily for musicians who have collected boxes of valves over the years and have no idea what the status of them is!  
Valves will be marked with permanent marker.
It is quite time consuming so the charge does reflect that I'm afraid.

Standalone Bias check & adjust: £40.00
Using my TAD Bias Master, this is a standalone service, based on leaving the chassis in the cab wherever possible. (included within major service)  

Standalone PAT Test: £4.50
Using my Seaward Primetest 100 PAT tester (this is included in major service and inspection). Includes labelling and certificate. 

Note:  The above prices exclude the cost of parts.


  • Drop-off and collection of amps in person only, we regret we cannot accept couriers.
  • Payment due prior to or upon collection or return of equipment.
  • 3 months warranty on the specific area of repair work undertaken, as detailed in the service report.
  • Third party warranty conditions apply for any parts supplied.
  • Failure to collect or pay for any equipment after a period of 8 weeks, will result in the ownership of such equipment transferring to Classic Valve Amps or storage charges will be applied.
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